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Air conditioning is a complex process that involves many different activities to keep the air inside a building at the right temperature.

In this section, we will take an example from an air conditioning company and use it as a case study to highlight its complexity and how AI writing assistants can help us to reduce it. A screenshot of the section topic is seen below.It is something that everyone in the world needs. Humans have been using air conditioning for thousands of years. Air conditioners are an engineering marvel that are used to cool down a large space so it can be used for longer periods of time. They work by circulating a refrigerant through the hot and cold water in the unit, and then blowing the hot or cold air against it to cool it down.

The industry is going through its most significant technical and cultural change since their invention. The average lifespan of air conditioning units has also increased to 30-50 years now due to advancements in technology, but human costs have decreased by nearly a third thanks to new technologies like LED lighting, cleverly designed AC units with fewer parts and improved features like operating hours per day, built-in insulation and other design improvements.

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