It is played on an instrument called a flute.

It is a piece of music, a flute. It is played on an instrument called a flute. It has a long thin sound tube in it and it has holes in it to produce the sound.This section discusses the flute, a stringed instrument that is played by many different people. It is considered the world’s oldest musical instrument and has been around for thousands of years. In this section, we will cover the history of flutes and how they came to be known as „the world’s oldest musical instruments”. We will also discuss some of their most popular uses like music lessons, music concerts, and children’s education.Flute is a musical instrument played by two people. There are many instruments which can be played by one person, such as the piano, violin and so on. But there is no instrument that can be played by only one person. It’s a difficult task to play flute without any help, but an AI writer could do it with ease.

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